Welcome to STEELBLOOD BANDOG KENNELS SBK9, breeding station of American Bandogge Mastiffs (Bandog).

SBK9 is a family-owned kennel, managed and run by Sergei Beresowski in a beautiful Ukrainian village.


We are producing powerfull working American Bandogge Mastiffs (Bandogs).

Healthy , strong, family safe, and full of working drive.


STEELBLOOD BANDOG KENNELS SBK9 wants to give the mastiffs back the strength they once had, when it was a warrior breed.

This is the primary reason for breeding these working dogs.


In the SBK9 breeding programme we use worldknown working bloodlines:

On/Off Bandogs Greece/ Lucero´s WCK9 USA/ Thunderdome USA/ J7´s UK/ Irema Curto Spain/ De la Arena Germany.

See it for yourself.


STEELBLOOD BANDOG KENNELS SBK9 is breeding in co-operation with On/Off Bandogs Greece (Mr. Stelios Sdrolias and is member of Lucero Bandog owners Club (Working Class K9).


We produce American Bandogge Mastiffs (Bandogs) with healthy elbows and hips, strong nerves, high temperament and good social characters.

Our dogs are known for fast entries, hard bites and full mouth attacks.


SBK9 is the first UCA(United Canine Association) registered American Bandog Mastiff (Bandog) kennel in Europe.

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